Full Bio

Nik Field’s seven years of performing and recording have taken him from his hometown of Ottawa to Montreal and have landed him in Halifax, where he currently resides. Influenced by John Prine, Tom Waits, and Nick Drake, his music is comfortably familiar yet fresh and captivating. Riding on the echoes of pre-war folk music, Nik’s songs are stories of love, hope, and the plight of the common man, married with engaging melodies and modern sounds. In April 2017, his album, “Where The Watermelon’s Grow”, was released to a sold out crowd in Ottawa.

In 2012, Nik Field was performing in Ottawa based folk duo, Salton Sea. After releasing an album in September of that year, Nik and his bandmate Trevor Pool moved to Montreal. They setup shop in the subway, slinging CDs and performing with a jimmy-rigged sound system. They recruited their roommates as a rhythm section, who all together called themselves The Noisy Locomotive. Known for their banjo picking, washboard slapping, bass and guitar driven songs they soon became a staple busking act in Montreal. Nik’s love of the classic old-time sound was born in those subway tunnels.
The traditions of old-time music posed some creative constraints. For “Where The Watermelons Grow”, Nik has meandered away from the traditional sound while still implementing elements of the era. This fusion is most evident on his track “Nursery Rhymes” where he pairs grungy electric guitar with an old, perfectly out of tune, upright piano.

Shortly after the release of “Where The Watermelons Grow”, Nik moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia to study Music Business and soak up all the inspiration a coastal lifestyle could bring. New stories are being written, a new band is being formed, and a greater understanding of how to connect with his audience is emerging.